Did you know that obesity spreads like a disease? This interesting research published in Nature talked about how collective behaviour towards obesity can affect health of the nearby community. This got me thinking that wouldn’t the opposite be true as well? Wouldn’t health promoting initiatives cause our social circle to think about their health too?

We know you are conscious about your health and fitness but let’s also give our loved ones something to get motivated from. As a pilot initiative, PSI Fitness presents its first T-shirt with help of my flatmate, Sorabh. He started creating and selling T-shirts when I was still an obese kid so he knows his t-shirts to their t’s (the latter ones). You can buy the t-shirt from Sorabh’s Website: Toubé Bäs. He ships them internationally as well. Also, there’s a 20% discount (Coupon Code: PSI20OFF) for PSI Fitness readers so you get it at only 399/-. Make sure to apply the coupon when you checkout.

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I’ve tried it myself for a day and the fabric is soft and the print is of good quality. I even wore it for a workout and felt comfortable (and awesome).

So, don’t wait and buy the t-shirt (or 2, you get additional discounts that way) and apply the discount at checkout (Coupon Code: PSI20OFF). Whenever you’ll see this in your wardrobe, it’ll prompt you to stay committed to working out.

Don it Proudly and spread the good word.


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