About the Founder

Parn graduated in Materials Science from IIT Kanpur. He joined Deloitte after college and then shifted to a boutique strategy consulting firm, InI Consulting. Personally suffering from asthma and obesity throughout childhood, he developed a strong interest towards proper nutrition and fitness and went on to complete a personal trainer certification from Gold’s Gym in 2013. He is also currently pursuing a 2 year diploma in Nutrition and Health Education.

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Yeah! That was me

Yeah! That was me

His academic background and penchant for fitness led him to delve deep into the subject and gain further knowledge and expertise from world’s top industry experts and nutrition professors through online courses and independent research on latest physiology, dietetics and exercise journals. On a personal level, he has gone from over 80 Kg (obese) to 58 (skinny) and then to a much healthier and stronger 63 Kg.


In case you’re wondering why he doesn’t look like a bodybuilder, it’s because (with due respect to the sport of bodybuilding) he is inclined more towards performance than body aesthetics. Formerly a big fan of long distance running, his interests have widened to swimming, sprinting and power-lifting. His current power-lifting total (sum of bench, squat and deadlift) is around 325 Kg.