About PSI Fitness

PSI 101: PSI Fitness approaches the world of fitness and nutrition based on fundamentals of anatomy, physiology and nutrition. In recent decades, science has come a long way in terms of understanding human body and related bio-mechanics and chemistry. Prevailing concepts about dieting, weight loss, muscle gain are full of myths and are even supported by dieticians and personal trainers working in the industry. The goal of PSI Fitness is to spread awareness about scientifically proven methods for improving overall health and well being based on latest cutting edge research.Try-Science

Emphasis on Learning and Self Awareness: There’s a difference between telling and teaching. At PSI Fitness, we believe in teaching people. We don’t believe in writing a rigid program for you and then following you on doing that many sets of some exercise or consuming that many calories in that day. We discuss basic principles of anatomy, kinesiology, physiology and nutrition in a simple language so that you understand your own body and get aware of the complexity and exquisiteness of the greatest gift bestowed to you by Mother Nature.

"In Lucem Scientiam" = In the Light of Science

“In Lucem Scientiam” means “In the Light of Science” in Latin. Our logo symbolizes both a human body and a Greek letter, Psi (pronounced as Sci) which is used extensively in Science and Mathematics.

We also want you to argue and question us. Curiosity and logical reasoning form the basis of learning and the more you discuss/argue/question it, the more you will learn. No “expert” should deny their client the freedom to ask questions. If someone you take advise from, cannot convince you why he is advising something, he/she probably himself doesn’t quite understand it. Yes, we are a fitness company but not quite like your neighbourhood gym franchise. We will raise eyebrows when you tell us you don’t have time for cardio while you drive your car to places less than 3 km away or if you want us to design a magical program to gain 4 inches on your biceps in 4 weeks. While you get used to tolerating our incredibly “straight-to-your-face” behaviour, do expect us to help you achieve a sustainable healthy lifestyle, move better and feel fitter overall.