Online Diet Consulting

Dozens of diet myths, loads of confusion. It’s time to cut the crap and make fat loss as simple as possible for you.

Step 1: Contact us and tell us about your weight loss goals
Step 2: We assess your dietary and physical lifestyle to come up with a plan which suits your hectic routine and food preferences
Step 3: We follow up for 3 months as you reach your goals. And the best part: We’ll teach you to make healthier food choices for you and your family. Isn’t that life-changing?

Unlike run-of-the-mill dietitians, you can always try us out, on our knowledge as well as our “fit” with you. Just mail us at to get a one-on-one free interactive session! If you’re in Mumbai, we’d certainly like to meet you in-person. But, the PSI Fitness diet consulting service is designed as completely online and self sufficient.

Need more info to decide? Read On.


How Are We Different From The Pack?

To us, it seems like many nutritionists in India are living under the rock of a very old, outdated curriculum. If you’ve heard people say don’t eat egg yolks or your dietitian advised you to only have egg whites, we feel sorry for you. Read this article to get your dose of current research on the goodness of whole eggs.

Some of them don't even look like from fitness industry, yet try and sell you so many stuff

Some of them don’t even look like they are fit, yet try and sell you so many artificial stuff

If you’ve been advised to drink green tea for weight loss, you’ve been drinking it for the wrong reason.

Brown rice over white rice? Read this one to bust another myth.

We even tried to converse with one of the nutritionists at a celebrity clinic at Mumbai to change our mind. Read this one to know how “well” (#facepalm) that went. That conversation also showed how impersonal and money oriented current nutrition industry is towards their clients.

There isn’t a month that goes by when we are not approached by a product company to sell their product. Honestly, we haven’t found a single product good enough to promote with our credibility on the line.

Our point here is that instead of relying on age-old myths and practices, we simply rely on evidence based scientific methods to help you achieve your goals.



What’s Our Methodology?

We first track your diet and sleep for 7-10 days to get a feel of your eating habits as well as sleeping patterns (Yes, sleep is equally important). This is done through easy usage of mobile friendly spreadsheets.

Tracking Snippet

Next, we analyze the data and come up with a plan. But, it’s not a diet chart. Instead, we suggest you small weekly changes because we understand that changing everything at once is too overwhelming for anyone. This is why most diets fail and are hard to sustain. We believe that Habits are what sticks in the long run.

Weekly followups ensure that you stay accountable and we can tweak the program as per your changing needs and preferences. Yes, it’s a long process but it is sustainable, physiologically healthy and effective in the long run. This is the reason why we do not offer short duration programs. Three month is the least duration we recommend to see any significant results.


So what are you waiting for? Just mail us at to get a one-on-one free interactive session and decide for yourself.