Taking a New Year Health Resolution? Read This First

The time has come when the slate is wiped clean, when you get fresh hope of fitting into a dress or getting six pack abs or just wishing for a day without back/neck pain. Most of us take multiple fitness/diet/health related new year resolutions and while gym owners earn tons of money selling annual memberships, majority of people fail to stick to their new year resolutions. So here are some topics you would like to go through to not fail this year, again:

Start Small, Win Early

I am going to wake up at 5:30 AM and make some green tea with lemon and honey for myself then go for a morning run. I am going to do this every day in 2016.”


Such resolutions deserve to fail. This is what psychologists call the false hope syndrome as this is too impractical from the get go but people still keep repeating the same mistake year after year. If you wake up at 7:30 usually, don’t be overly ambitious.

Start small, wake up 20-30 mins early than usual and go for a 15 min walk/run. Get used to the routine. Get that small win on your side. It will boost your confidence. Once you adhere to this habit for 2 weeks at least, you can increase the duration/intensity of your resolution.

Don’t Wait For New Year, Experiment Now!

What is so special about January 1st apart from the new year party hangover. I say that you start your resolution today. This way you will have a few days to experiment (including the new year long weekend). If you can’t do it for a few days, you certainly can’t do it for an entire year.

If you don’t like cardio in the gym, take a free trial class of zumba or pilates or yoga or kickboxing. In fact, most of my clients prefer training outdoors these days. The grass is green in the parks of Powai and the weather is uber cool. There are so many options now with fitness exploration websites like Fitternity and other apps. You won’t find everything boring for sure. Same goes with your diet. If you can’t stand eating plain oats in the morning, experiment with eggs or try experimenting with some other meal. Again, whether it is the right fit for your goals does not matter for now. What matters is you are devoting time and effort towards your health and are able to stick with it.

Be Patient and Objective

Results are not going to show up with 10 days of effort. Although teleshopping commercials would have us believe otherwise, non Photo-shopped sustainable transformations take time and dedicated effort. I typically recommend my clients a timeline of at least 6 months to show up significant results.

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To be brutally honest with you, Consistency trumps everything in the weight loss game. Read more here on how the best diet is the one you will adhere to. Often times, I am asked by personal trainers I teach during workshops that which is the best exercise routine for their clients. My boring yet honest answer is “Depends on your client!” before going  into details of client types and how different routines may be better for different types of clients.

While you wait and pray at night for your clothes to become loose, you can still track progress objectively. If you are squatting, your numbers should go up. If you are into running, your timings should improve. After all, exercise is all about creating a more challenging stimulus for your body to adapt, become stronger and burn more calories. Similarly, you can track your adherence to your diet plan e.g. how many days this month did you not eat any junk food outside, how much water you drank every day this week etc.

So this is it from our side. Be mindful of your resolutions and don’t introduce too many changes at once. If you stay in Powai, we would love to give you a free trial session. Like us on facebook.com/psifitness to check more original content from our side.

Wishing you a Hopeful and Healthy New Year

Psi Fitness

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