Family That Exercises Together, Stays Together

On Rakshabandhan laddoos, barfis and these days, thanks to Cadbury, chocolates, do pile up a lot of calories. As it is difficult to say no to your beloved sibling, we thought it would be great to come up with an exercise routine which you can do together and burn some extra calories. After all, a family that exercises together, stays together. Remember the times you guys played together in your childhood, don’t you?

Test Your Bond:

The first exercise is called a partner squat. If you are new to working out, we suggest you go through this video first to get the technique right. Moving on, if you are trying it for the first time, we recommend you the following simple assisted version:


Now if you are able to do it easily and your sibling can’t, you can pause at the bottom position of the squat till he/she reaches there. This makes the exercise difficult for you while your partner can pull on your hands to make it easier for them to lift themselves up. It shouldn’t be a child’s play for both of you. In case, the pause version is easy for you, you can try the one hand version to make it slightly tougher like this.


This involves more core involvement as you actively flex your abs to avoid rotation of your trunk. At last, for those who are regulars at gym, try doing a pistol squat while your sibling does a normal easy version. Even if you squat 100 Kgs in the gym, this will surely challenge you. Do the variation that suits you for 3-4 rounds.


Tug of Love:

This is a slight twist to the age old tug of war. We’ll use a towel instead of a rope/cable. Since men carry more type 2 muscle fibre in their upper body and hence are innately stronger, for the tug of love, the guy can use only 1 hand to pull while the girl can use both. ¬†Although, the guy can use a split stance like this to support himself. Do this for a total of 5 rounds.

1-Arm Split-Stance Cable Row

Winner Owns an Extra Favor:

We all know we’ll do anything for our siblings, no matter how much we hate them for asking petty things and how much we fought in the past. Well, who ever wins this challenge owns an extra favor to their sibling. The game is simple. The guy does a standing triple jump to decide the starting distance between the two of you. Now, the girl has that much headstart. It’s a simple race, if the guy is able to chase within 100-150 meter roughly, he wins, otherwise, he loses. This goes for 3-5 rounds, whoever gets the most wins counts as the overall winner.

woman vs

Direct Face-Off:

If you lost the last gig, there’s still hope for you. Both of you start at the same time. Pushups for the gentlemen and high plank hold for the ladies. Whoever can survive the longest, wins. Also, do check out this article for improving your technique on pushups.


For people who are single and their sibling lives in another city, find a workout partner to do this anyway because working out can be fun and engaging if you have a partner. It also makes you stick to your routine as there is another person dependent on you, adding social accountability to the mix. It’s hard to find siblings but we have trained many married couple clients and observed that they bring such good energy when they train together.

Till next time,

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