Monsoon is Coming: How To Do Cardio In Rainy Season

The Rain Gods are back to stop you from going to gyms or walk/runs and tempt you with mouth watering Pakoras and Chai at home. Now, there are many bodyweight exercises that you can do to keep up your strength levels but cardio part suffers a lot. After all, you can only do so many jumping jacks or skip jump rope and not get bored. But don’t you worry, we got your back to help you stick to your fitness schedule or start a new one.

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To begin with, we know how Bollywood portrays long walks in rains and die-hard romantics love them more than their regular chore walks in the park. Also, many runners just love running while it drizzles (try it once at least, it is cathartic). But for many of us, it’s not practical to workout outside when it pours heavy.  It is completely understandable to skip the gym when you usually walk or go on a 2 wheeler. Working out in wet clothes inside a gym with cold air-conditioning is a bad idea. If these options are out, this doesn’t give us a reason to skip workouts and get fat during monsoon. Following are some ways to stay on track:

Discover Something New

See this as an opportunity than a limitation. Most swimming pools get open during summers and will stay open during monsoons. Replace your cardio from running/walks to swimming. Swimming is a low impact endurance activity and thus easier on your knees and back. Just don’t wallow around in the pool and stare girls. The only calories you’ll be burning will be when you run if their boyfriend catches you staring. And you ladies, don’t waste time gossiping around and later post on your instagram with #swim #bestcardio. Be honest with yourself and do laps.


Happiness is swimming in the rain!

Many indoor sports like squash and table tennis are good ways to stay active too. You may not be able to program your workouts much but it is still better than sitting at home and you learn something new and may be develop a life-long hobby. Better than drudging on a treadmill all life, eh?

Don’t Want To Go Anywhere, What Should I Do?

Many of you must be thinking all these activities are cool but I can’t go anywhere or don’t want to spend money in memberships, we got you covered. If you have stairs at your place, you can do a lot of cardio on it. Apart from basically climbing up and down, there are many other advance variations to try. Some of them are toe-taps, zig-zag jumps, lateral hops and so on.

If you don’t have access to stairs, try kick-boxing. No No, not Bruce Lee kind of stuff. Just the basics jabs, hooks and kicks. You must be wondering “Gosh! Now I have to buy a punching bag.”. But you don’t have to. Unless, you actually plan to learn the technicalities and get trained by a professional, it is a bad idea to start your kick-boxing with hitting on a bag. Your technique is faulty at first and it may lead to injuries and bruises (trust me!). Instead, do shadow boxing (punching and kicking in the air). Most martial artists train for months like that before hitting anything. It is effective as cardio and also less time consuming.  Try downloading audio files (I’ve used one by former MMA Champion Bas Rutten) which prompts basic combos like jab-jab-hook, jab-kick-liver shot and do it for rounds.

Circuit your Cardio

If you don’t like the options, don’t do it. Just use the good old strength training exercises to make a circuit. An example circuit may look like air squats, pushups, reverse lunges, band rows and planks. Take no rest in between and rest for around 1-2 min when you complete the circuit. Then go again for 3-4 rounds. Gradually build it up to 6-8 rounds.

A couple of things to note: Pace yourself. If you can do 20 squats, design 12 squat reps per circuit. The motive for the cardio circuit is not to work your muscle to failure but to replace your cardio with compound bodyweight exercises to get the same endurance training effect. Also, see that your circuit is balanced. You don’t want to do too many pushups and screw your posture. Read this article for a better understanding.


There you have it, folks. We hope this will help you maintain your endurance levels during monsoon. After all, when the white walkers come, you’ll need good cardio levels.

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