Dear Santa, Here are 3 Fitness Tips for You

Dear Santa,

You represent the spirit of the season; the joy, gratefulness and fun. But why such an overly fat physique? Aren’t you bored of getting stuck in chimneys? No, we aren’t suggesting that you jack up like some of the fan art which fitness enthusiasts make, that may scare the children away. But don’t you think a leaner, more healthier Santa may influence kids to eat more veggies? This Christmas, PSI Fitness helps you out with 3 tips to lean down:


No need to get this intimidating

Work Out With What You Have

We know there’s no gym at the North Pole but that doesn’t mean you get an excuse for not working out. Just learn how to do common bodyweight exercises like squats, pushups, pullups and planks to begin with and add more difficult variations. You can also do some high intensity work like sprinting or full body circuits to get some cardio in. After all, that’s similar to what we program with our clients who prefer working out at home. And don’t worry if you can’t do pullups, we’ve got you covered with another simpler exercise here.

If you get bored easily, there are many creative ways. You have the sledge to push around, ropes which can be used along with that heavy gift bag which can be used as weights. But all of that is tricky to explain in a letter. Wake us up when you come bearing gifts for us and we’ll show you everything.


Move Around

So, your excuse is that you do work out but you’re still not losing weight? Since fat loss is about creating a calorie deficit, what about adding some extra movement in your daily life. Yeah, yeah we know elves are there to do all the physical work but see this is why, unlike you, they look super fit. Share some physical work with them or just go for an extra 30 min walk. Isn’t North Pole the best place for high altitude training?elfs-working-xqplbr

Go Fishing

No, this doesn’t count as movement but eating fish on a regular basis ensures you get enough Vitamin D and omega-3′s in your diet. These nutrients are super important for joint health, hormonal stability, muscle growth, sleep quality etc. We find these deficiencies quite common among our clients, even here in hot and humid India. So, we are pretty sure you don’t get enough sunlight at the North Pole. If you’re a vegetarian, you can send an elf to get you some supplements, from Alaska may be, we are not sure.


That’s it, man. As part of the gifting tradition of Christmas, we are also offering a 20% discount on our Online Diet Program. Even you can join as this is executed completely online on spreadsheets and messenger. So contact us now on or 7666620988 and avail the offer!


Merry Christmas


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