4 Foods You Must Consume To Lose Weight

If you landed up here thinking about some exotic fruit or a new herb or a smoothie recipe with overpriced ingredients, perhaps you haven’t read enough of PSI Fitness yet. In case you want to, you can always find all the nutrition articles tagged here.¬†We get questioned time and time again about it that what should be consumed to lose weight. And the fact is that there is no secret recipe or ingredient to make wonders for your weight loss goals. Sadly, science isn’t about catchy marketing headlines but cold hard facts.

No secrets to reveal here!

But don’t get upset. This doesn’t mean we leave you high and dry today. What we will discuss today is R.I.C.E. No, not the white grain (which is pretty awesome, read about its battle with its brown cousin here) but 4 different foods categories which will make it easier for you to clean up your diet and lean out easier.

Rich Foods

By rich, we mean foods rich in micronutrients i.e. vitamins and minerals relative to calories they contain. A prime example of it would be veggies, another would be seafood. Both are packed with vitamins and minerals but are relatively not so energy dense (less calories/gm). If you’re trying to lose weight and don’t have these in your diet, you’re going to have a hard time cutting that weight because you may get your calories down to a level where you start losing weight but you’ll feel like crap. That’s because over time, you’ll develop deficiencies in these micronutrients. Deficiencies can cause hormonal imbalances, joint/muscular/nerve related damages, sleep deprivation, low immunity etc. Pretty bad stuff, so eat ‘rich’ foods.

Inexpensive Foods

As nutritional consultants to clients, we could hypothetically recommend broccoli, oysters, organic goat milk and cage free brown shelled eggs if we could. But this is almost never affordable, not for a long term basis anyway. The key is to find clean foods which are inexpensive enough to fit your budget. This encompasses supplements like protein powders. If you can’t afford it, find an alternative for at least partially replacing it. For example, if you can’t afford whey protein, try eggs as a cheaper alternative (and by the way, read here why you shouldn’t hate the yolks).

Complimentary Foods

Ever heard of someone going on just carrots or apples for a weight loss regime. Now carrots are great and so are apples, They both come under “rich foods” categories. But what’s really wrong with that diet is that it does not contain enough proteins and fats to sustain body’s metabolic processes. What you’ll often see with these people is them becoming very weak, almost to a point of showing their face and leg bones. What they mostly lose is muscle mass (and lots of metabolic damage to go with). You don’t want to do that.

Make sure you’re consuming proteins, fats, carbs, vitamins, minerals, fiber and enough water to counter such effects of a lousy weight cut. This is the first thing we take care of, with our nutrition clients. Anyone can make you lose weight, the real job of a nutritionist is to make it safe for you.

Easy Foods

Explaining ‘easy’ foods is easy too. Foods that you can grab on easily. This means foods that are easy to prepare, foods that are easy to pack and travel with, foods that don’t spoil so fast and so on. You get the point, eh? In metaphorical science jargon, these are the foods which have a “low potential barrier”.


To give a personal example, I used to pack different kinds of boiled sprouts for lunch to office. My office colleagues often mentioned that you can just add this seasoning or that dressing and it’ll taste even better. My reply to them was: “Yeah, sure it’ll make it taste great but that’ll take some extra 10 minutes for preparation“. When projects get hectic or your boss hovers on you like an eagle or there are deadlines for several course assignments and you don’t even get enough time to sleep or exercise, it is important that the foods you eat do not take much effort from your side. This trick has made a lot of our clients stay away from junk food.


There you have it, folks. Follow R.I.C.E. to lose weight.

In Lucem Scientiam


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