Quick Tips to Compensate for Diwali Binge Eating

“Gharwale mithai khilaye bina maante hi nahi”

“What to do with all the chocolates that people bring!”

“Ab guests aate hai to kuch to khana hi padta hai unke sath”

“Diwali comes only once per year. Can’t we take a break from clean eating?”

We get a lot of this from our clients. Going to your hometown or inviting guests in Diwali season further wreaks havoc on diet control. Chocolates and Mithais and all the other social eating that you can’t avoid, we get it, it’s tough.

Is Diwali Kuch Healthy Ho Jay?

But Diwali celebration does not necessarily mean you should gain some extra pounds and then start making early new year resolutions to take them off. A popular adage goes like this: A stitch in time saves nine. Today, we tell you how to tailor your way into a healthy and fit Diwali:

Choosing Better:

If you consider the gamut of snacks served in Diwali season, more often than not, it contains dry fruits and in particular nuts. Although being quite energy dense as compared to fresh fruits, nuts are a much more nutritious and filling choice than sugar filled sweets and chocolates. So prefer eating almonds, walnuts, raisins, figs, dates and even cashews. Yes, contrary to popular opinion, cashews stand quite well in terms of nutrition and have lesser calories than walnuts and almonds. Surprised? Read this article for a detailed comparison between common nuts.

Working Out:

One good thing about Diwali is that there are many pujas, celebrations and social obligations spanning a week but most happen when the sun goes down. So you at least have the mornings to yourself and no one is stopping you to rise early and work out in the mornings. You can always catch a nap in the noon. For gym bunnies who visit their hometown and don’t have access to Crore Rupee machines (yes I saw one at an overpriced gym today), go to the park and do some running or try bodyweight workouts. But read this article first before you try a bodyweight routine from the Internet. It’s important to include pulling movements which often get ignored in bodyweight workouts. If you can’t do pullups, here’s an easier exercise to target those pulling muscles.

Holds True For Festivals Too

When Things Go Haywire:

Everything said, sometimes things don’t stay in control. Who can resist overeating home cooked Rajma Chawal after eating garbage at a local mess for months? Also, there are people you can’t say no to, even if you don’t want to eat: Your boss, your in-laws, a hot chick (highly unlikely).

The point is: It’s okay if you overeat one day. That should not mean things should stay in an uncontrolled state. Here’s the tip we recommend to counter overeating: Just fast through the next day and eat at night. In case you are wondering: no, fasting is not unhealthy and might actually do you some good if you’re not already fasting. Here’s a detailed piece on proven researched benefits of fasting. The good thing about Indians is that they immediately back off if you tell them it’s a religious fast and you just can’t eat (just pick your favorite deity and voila!). Fasting is the “Ram Baan” which never disappoints.


There you go folks. We hope you follow these to “lighten up” your festive season. After all, isn’t that the whole purpose of Diwali?

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