Quick Reads: An Open Letter to Curvy Feminists

                                                     Same philosophy, eh?

“Real women have curves”, “Real men like curves” are phrases often shared on social media platforms often showing a skinny girl in comparison to someone with voluptuous curves with an obvious glorification of the second one. And it often happens that the person sharing herself is “curvy” (notice the deliberate attempt of avoiding the word “fat”). Without going deep into whether it is morally wrong or right to demonize skinny girls (which is probably a more natural body type than a “heavier” one, given a physically active lifestyle), today we address why we feel it is wrong to promote a positive sentiment for a fat physique. Before labeling us as anti-feminists, hear us out.

The problem we are trying to address is not a cosmetic problem. It has nothing to do with how one looks in any dress, neither is it associated with promoting any particular body type. The problems with promoting “curvier physiques” are real life health issues. India has more than 6 crore diabetic patients and it’s predicted to increase to more than 10 crore in the next 15 years (Source). Arthritis is the largest epidemic in India with over 18 crore patients with women having a higher risk (Source). These are hard cold numbers associated with medical conditions found most often in obese and sedentary population.

Also, this brief write-up is not to bully someone who maintains a physically active lifestyle and eats healthy. It’s perfectly fine to have some fat on your tummy (or being skinny, for that matter) and not look like a celebrity model. Regardless of how you look, exercise’s positive effect on cognition and quality of life has been shown in multiple studies like this.

But glorification of eating cupcakes and pizzas and because “you choose to” or “it’s your life” or “you only live once” is not acceptable. Collective trends like these influence social behavior among your peers, family and children. Read here about a very interesting research which demonstrates that obesity has a spacial correlation and spreads like an infection locally.


Bottom-line: Do not rationalize your laziness. Eat Clean & Stay Active. For yourself and people around you.

In Lucem Scientiam






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