Quick Reads: Humorous Conversation at a Celebrity Nutritionist’s Clinic 1

Got a call for a free diet consultation session from a famous Celebrity Nutritionist’s clinic near Powai. Following are few excerpts which made me think whether to laugh at the dietitian’s lack of knowledge or to feel sad about people who pay loads of money to such incompetent professionals and trust them with their health:


Dietitians can have vested interests too

Doctor: Can you please stand on the weighing machine? Tell me your height too.

Me: 168 cm

(Doctor notes down the weight and gets busy doing BMI calculations)

Dietitian: Do you work out? Any medical issues?

Me: Yes, I do work out. Not any immediate issues as such.

Doctor: BMI looks good. Let’s go with a detoxification diet for you.

Me: Really? You don’t need more info?


Excerpt 2

Dietitian: Since you have ideal body weight, you can do weight training during our diet plan

Me: (in a confused state) So who shouldn’t weight train while on your diet plans?

Dietician: People who want to lose weight

Me: (perplexed) So why they shouldn’t do weight training?

Dietician: They will gain muscle mass from our high protein diet

Me: Is that a bad thing? I thought gaining muscle mass especially for unhealthy people was really beneficial for health

Dietician: But they will gain weight!

Take note! Important for next excerpt

Excerpt 3

Me: What is my body fat %?

(A guy comes and takes my measurements, the dietitian notes down and calculates from a formula)

Dietitian: It’s 8%

Me: You must be kidding me.

Dietitian: No, that’s what came out from your measurements. I double checked.

Me: But look at me. I must be around 15-16% (pinching my arm to show some fat). What formula did you use?

Dietitian: See I divided your waist measurement by…..

Me: What’s the name of the formula you used?

Dietitian: I don’t know the name. What’s your point?

Me: Nothing


How can a doctor (in conjunction with dietitian) suggest a detoxification diet which claims to “purify the organs” on the basis of BMI calculations? How can a dietitian ethically work while advising their patients against resistance training which is beneficial at not just musculosketetal but physiological, neurological and psychological levels? How can a dietitian rely on an outdated formula instead of actually assessing the patient sitting in front of her?

I was trying to control my laughter initially but as the 30 minute conversation progressed, I felt sad for the next 40 year old obese man waiting for his turn to consult with the same dietitian.


In Lucem Scientiam


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One thought on “Quick Reads: Humorous Conversation at a Celebrity Nutritionist’s Clinic

  • Hemant

    As long as people fall for marketing gimics and try to buy “easy ways” instead of incorporating the “right way” to achieve their health goals, they will be exploited. These fitness chains will also continue to take advantage of in-need customers. Lack of regulation by government and desperation of individuals (and many other factors) let these un-accountable and incompetent people to play with people’s health.

    Sad state of affairs.

    In umbra fraudes
    CN (Celebrity Nutritionist)