Quick Reads: Practice makes Permanent, not Perfect

We often start out exercises by watching videos or people at the gym. Even the trainers just show it once and then let you exercise often commenting that “you will get better at it with time”. If this has been the case for you, you’re in trouble in the long run. Here’s why:

When you start learning the basic exercises, you develop specific motor patterns in your brain. This teaches the central nervous system to perform the functions on its own without consciously thinking much. Over time, these patterns get ingrained e.g. when a child learns how to write, she has to think about making those letters but over years it becomes her second nature.

Exercise patterns are no different. Like the child who doesn’t pay attention on making pretty alphabets early on, over time develops a poor handwriting; Similarly, people who do not focus on optimum form and good technique over time develops bad movement patterns which lead to injury and chronic pain issues.

We agree that perfect form on all exercises is as platonic as the Marxist utopian society but key principles, which if taught early on, can reduce injury rates and boost your performance and results. One of the most important of these principles is keeping a neutral spine which also plays a huge part in correcting your posture over time. How many of personal trainers or app videos teach it as a separate activity early on? Current fitness industry only focuses you to do 50 pushups but how solid was your technique? Was it really the chest muscles bearing the load or was it your shoulder joint and rotator cuffs grinding those last reps for you? Ever heard of Quality over Quantity?


Also, this is not to say that things cannot be fixed later but it requires a huge effort later on to correct something like rounded shoulders during pull exercises. A good foundation is the key to build a cloud kissing skyscraper. Do you really want to hold yourself back? At PSI Fitness, we go super slow early on to ensure solid movement patterns. Build a strong foundation, start with us. Even if you don’t continue with us for long, you’d have a strong foundation for life.


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