Problem with Bodyweight Workouts and How to fix it

10 pushups

20 squats

30 crunches

40 jumping jacks

10 burpees


How often do we see such bodyweight workouts circulating on Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, FB pages, Twitter feeds, fitness blogs and other web platforms? The Wolverine Workout, the Superman Regime, Kardashian Booty Routine are some pretty attractive names given to attract desperate eyes of the average Joe. Many enthusiasts around the world follow these regularly. Many group classes in India even endorse these kind of circuit workouts.


The problem with most of these routines is that they are simply bad programmed. Now, this is not an article bashing bodyweight workouts. In fact, bodyweight exercises are a great place to begin with, have loads of variations to keep things interesting and can even humble the most buffed up dudes in the gym. But there are 3 factors many of these workouts ignore and how you can fix it:

Adamantium claw bearing forearms of Wolverine are not made from doing jumping jacks, they are forged from heavy bar-bending deadlifts

  1. Absence/ Negligible Presence of Pulling Movements: You can’t build muscles which bear load in pulling movements if you don’t have any resistance to pull. Addition of a bar to hang on and/or resistance bands (especially for ladies) are cheap ways (within 750/-) to add pulling movements in your bodyweight routine
  2. Unbalanced Volume: In the pic you can see, most movements are push/knee and hip extension movements. These type of workouts, done for long, can develop muscle imbalances leading to poor joint integrity and injuries. A good program will consider all kind of movements which should aim to develop an overall injury free and fit body
  3. Customization: How many of these kind of workouts are you able to finish perfectly? My answer is very few. The reason behind it is that everyone is different. So, a person not knowing you, however intelligent and experienced he/she may be, cannot devise a perfect program for you. Due to sitting for long hours, bad posture for exercises and chronic movements patterns favoring one side over another, we all have developed muscle imbalances. We are strong in some movements and weak/inflexible for others. A good program takes these things into account and customizes it accordingly for you.


At PSI Fitness, we assess you and take care of these aspects according to your fitness levels and future goals. Program your workouts considering these aspects or let us do it for you and you will see much better results.


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