The Dairy Dilemma

Call it fat free, low fat, zero cholesterol, heart healthy or just skim milk, these are the times when having low fat dairy is in fashion. Earlier restricted to just milk, this movement is spreading to yogurts, butter like spreads, cheese and even ice-creams.  But is reduced fat dairy really that healthy as it is marketed by processed food companies? Following is an objective evaluation of low fat vs full fat dairy:

  • Micronutrients: What companies often conveniently ignore is that there are micronutrients, especially vitamins A, D and K present in milk which are fat soluble and hence removed when fat is removed. Some companies are countering this by fortifying low fat yogurts with vitamin D etc. In case you are buying these products, compare them with full fat dairy nutrients to get the exact trade-off that you are committing while choosing low fat dairy.

    Dairy is Legen-Dairy

    Dairy is Legen-Dairy


  • Macronutrients: Both contain similar amount of carbs and proteins while fats are significantly reduced in the low fat versions. For you, the choice depends on your current diet. Here is where smart planning comes into picture. A good program will ensure your macros are balanced without compromising on essential nutrients from whole food sources.


  • Link to Diseases and Obesity: Following are some latest research links which prove that full fat dairy is not associated with obesity and cardiovascular diseases. Also, whole milk is associated with higher muscle protein synthesis (MPS). Anyone condemning full fat dairy because of negative health related reasons should really update their nutrition information.


As it is evident, there is nothing scary about full fat dairy. In fact, it is proved to be superior from low fat versions for long term health. Also, from my personal experience, full fat dairy products taste way better than low fat versions. Don’t fall for marketing gimmicks and outdated diet experts, make room for those extra fats in your diet program and enjoy the creamier experience.


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