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Your Feet Tells A Story, Are You Listening?

We mostly associateĀ feet with shoes and sandals. Sports shoes for jogging, heels/canvas for partying, leather ones as formals and so on. But what about our feet? With a notable exception of pedicures, we seldom pay attention to this body part especially when it comes to fitness and health. But someone’s feet tell a lot about […]



Hyper on Ebola? Keep Calm and Read This

Recently there has been an outcry in India regarding the deadly virus Ebola with a lot of people sharing Whatsapp messages and Facebook posts on how we are all at risk if we don’t protect ourselves. For those of you who don’t know, Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever (EHF) is caused by an infection with a virus […]

Free Weights vs Machines: A Battle for Better Results

In India, people often judge gyms on the basis of newest machines available in the gym. Gym salesmen and often trainers also glorify this in front of potential clients. Women often rely on these machines for the entirety of their strength workouts (however small it typically is). But are machines like the Smith Machine or […]