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What to drink for running long distances: An evidence based approach

Running has become quite popular in India lately and so have become many sports drinks. But are they really effective? Can you make one at home? Do you really even need to drink for finishing your workout? Today we analyze the top nutritional contents required for optimized runs and how much should you take them, […]

You’re a Couch Potato, Don’t blame Potatoes

We have heard it a million times. “Don’t eat potatoes, they are fattening.” “You’ll get diabetes if you eat potatoes.” “If only my mother stops adding potatoes in sabji, I’ll be much slimmer.”   The truth, however, is that potatoes are fat free, no single food source causes diabetes (unless all you do is munch […]

What Man has made of Man.

~ William Wordsworth

To her fair works did Nature link
          The human soul that through me ran;
          And much it grieved my heart to think
          What man has made of man.

Madari – Vishal Dadlani & Sonu Kakkar

Some of you have asked why don’t we post hindi songs. Our goal here is to help you find relatively unpopular but awesome songs which you can use in your workouts. As for HIndi songs go, here’s something not so popular but a great add to your morning run playlist:

Recommended Exercise: Single Arm Farmer’s Walk

Farmers do it, laborers do it, even you do it sometimes while carrying your groceries. Now you may feel like this Asian guy if the groceries become too heavy but humans have been carrying heavy things in our hands even since we evolved to stand up on two feet. Farmer’s walk is one of the […]

“No citizen has a right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training…what a disgrace it is for a man to grow old without ever seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.”  ~ Socrates

Stop doing this exercise in the gym 1

Side Bends or Side Raises is one of the most common exercises done in Indian gyms. Skinny dudes do it, uncles do it and even ladies who are allergic to dumbbells do it. But is it effective for what purpose it’s done for? Not much and here’s why: Side Bends can’t take away your love […]

Are you really eating “Ice-cream” ?

Well it is frozen that’s for sure, but you better double check what “you can’t get enough” is actually cream. Check out the link by ET of a news couple of years ago. It basically mentions a lawsuit by Amul against HUL regarding usage of word “ice cream” instead of “frozen dessert” for their Kwality […]

Top 3 factors to consider in a gym

Many of us join and leave gyms pretty frequently. Some were unsatisfied with the gym, some got transferred someplace else and some were not going there regularly anyway. The new year fitness resolutions hardly work, we understand. Anyway, for whatever reason, its time to join a new gym. But there are variety of gyms coming […]