Are you really eating “Ice-cream” ?

Well it is frozen that’s for sure, but you better double check what “you can’t get enough” is actually cream. Check out the link by ET of a news couple of years ago. It basically mentions a lawsuit by Amul against HUL regarding usage of word “ice cream” instead of “frozen dessert” for their Kwality […]

Meal Frequency and Metabolism Myth

Some of us are often told in newspaper articles, by elders, by “fitness freak” friends(worst advisers ever) and even by some dieticians that one should eat their meals in small amounts spaced out throughout the day. They may be multiple reasons for putting him/her on a higher meal frequency if a person is on medication […]

Dairy is Legen-Dairy

The Dairy Dilemma

Call it fat free, low fat, zero cholesterol, heart healthy or just skim milk, these are the times when having low fat dairy is in fashion. Earlier restricted to just milk, this movement is spreading to yogurts, butter like spreads, cheese and even ice-creams. ┬áBut is reduced fat dairy really that healthy as it is […]

How to maintain current weight

You’ve done all the hard work. All hours of cardio have finally paid off and you’ve reached your weight goals. In another scenario, you are happy with your current figure but you fear turning fat sometime in future. Losing weight is tough but sustaining a healthy weight is a different demon altogether. Worry not, the […]


Going nuts

Going Nuts: Case for Cashews

Nuts, often referred to as dry fruits in India, include a wide variety of species and are certainly very nutritious. Although Walnuts and Cashews don’t qualify technically as nuts, they are certainly called nuts in culinary sense and widely used along with one other nut species: Almonds. We’ll focus on these three today to keep […]